Posted by: Nicholas | November 30, 2011

Planning a move to Mahon in Menorca

After a successful-ish experiment taking Alasdair (aged 2 3/4) and Lucy (just turned one) on a day sail from Southampton to Cowes, I have concluded that my best option is to move Tripitaka to Mahon, the capital of Menorca.


It’s a beautiful harbour, long and thin, right in the heart of a city, albeit a small city on a small island. Here are my reasons:

  • Mahon has a sheltered harbour with an interesting fort/anchorage near the entrance. I had a lovely sail with three skilled crew beating back up the harbour in calm waters as a Force 8 blew the seas outside into nauseating patterns. I reckon we will be able to take the kids for a 1-2 hour sail within the harbour without risk of seasickness in all but the most miserable of storms.
  • Mahon is a city, with all the opportunities to go and explore that implies.
  • There are good regular flights to Menorca with low-cost airlines
  • The island is tiny (it’s only 35 nautical miles round) which means that there are many lovely anchorages within a short sail (<4 hours). So as the kids get older, we will be able to explore the island and anchor out for a couple of nights.
  • We can always take a taxi to the beach or hire a car if all else fails.
  • I love Spain, Spanish food and the Spanish people.
  • It’s a short sail from my current berth in Puerto Bonaire in north-east Mallorca, and I can’t spare time away from family or work to travel anywhere much further away.

That’s my plan, anyway, subject to finding mooring and gardinage services in Mahon. Do you think it is a good one?