Posted by: Nicholas | August 30, 2013

Captain’s Log: Rain, rain go away

Date: Monday 26th August, 2013

Location: Cala Llonga, Mahon Harbour, Menorca

Crew: Nicholas (skipper), Jez, Jane, Alasdair

The first day of our big trip began as a washout. Mahon had been sweltering for days and the locals were delighted when it burst in a sustained electrical storm. Thunder boomed out at sea and echoed from the Menorcan hills, punctuating the percussive beat of heavy rain drops on fibre glass roof.

Newly-arrived holiday makers were not so impressed.

IMG_1383We suited up in oilskins and Alasdair’s all-in-one rainsuit and headed out to victual the boat from the single supermarket in Cala Llonga. There is a playground on the way and we stopped to play, in the pouring rain, for 20 minutes. There is no deterring a small boy on a mission to play.

Back at the boat, we ate tapas and Spanish tortilla. At 2pm, the rain stopped and the crew sprung into action. We have a new sailing boat: a Tinker Tramp sailing dinghy, and it was time to inflate and rig the new addition to our fleet.