Posted by: Nicholas | August 20, 2013

Sailing with a four year old

Next week, I am taking Alasdair sailing for a week. It will be his first time living aboard the boat.

I’ve realised that I haven’t updated the blog for a while. Tripitaka is now moored in Cala Llonga on on the north side of Mahon harbour. It’s a pretty place but the pontoon has just water and electricity. No shower block. No restaurants except a long taxi ride away. It’s a far cry from the bustle of Alcudia.

Of course, it’s also much cheaper and much prettier. And if we want to live aboard in a busy, shower-block-equipped marina, we just pootle across the harbour to a Mahon mooring for a week. That would be much cheaper than paying the premium to be there all year round.

On the crossing from Mallorca to Menorca, we lost the dinghy. It was towing behind the boat and got swept away. So I’ve bought a new one. It’s a Tinker Tramp, an inflatable dinghy that comes with a mast. Expect an update next week.

The Tinker came from a catamaran sailor who is heading to the Caribbean later this year and needs a aluminium-hulled dinghy to resist toredo worms. He was in Malta and has luck would have it, he was sailing to Gibraltar via Menorca. So thank you, Roy, for delivering the Tinker.

So next week is about learning how to live aboard with a four year old (there will be two other adults there too). I hope to figure out how to rig and sail the Tinker. I hope to potter around Mahon harbour in the big boat and the small one. If the weather gods are kind, we might be able to nip around the corner to one of the beautiful calas, but I’m not getting my hopes up.

It should all be lots of fun.