About me

When I was 12, I went on holiday to Malta with my family. We took out a
boat trip out to the Blue Lagoon, the sheltered anchorage between the diminutive
islands of Comino and Cominetto.
In the midst of the day trippers and cruisers, a catamaran sat
at anchor, the Red Ensign hanging off its stern in the occasional
I swam out to talk to the skipper, an Englishman who was taking a career
break (he looked old to me, but I was 12. I think that he was probably
in his early 50s). He had sailed the catamaran from England earlier in
the year and was cruising the Mediterranean for the summer. I promised
myself there and then that one day I would sail my own boat to cruise
the Med for an entire summer.

In 2001, Catherine and I spent four months aboard Tripitaka, sailing
along the French Riviera, the Ligurian coast of Italy, Corsica, Sardinia
and reaching the Blue Lagoon seventeen years to the week after I made
myself the promise.

Now we have two kids: Alasdair (born 2008) and Lucy (born 2010). So this blog is about whether I can still manage to sail now that we are four.